Rolls: UVguard Crop Protection Covers are supplied in final roll width formats for simple manual deployment. They are available in standard widths of 5, 7 & 10 feet (approximately 1.5m, 2m and 3m respectively), however, custom widths are also available upon request. The range of custom and standard sizes enables farmers to select roll sizes to suit the different bed sizes. . Designed with high puncture strength per unit weight, UVguard rolls can be used in wide ranging application formats such as open field, tunnel, greenhouse  and nursery etc. UVguard is a highly effective material to create chambers within the greenhouse as part of insect control.


Tubing Rolls: UVguard Crop Protection Covers comes in tube form of varying size from 7″ to 31″ depending on the end product.


Bags: UVguard Crop Protection Covers also comes in the from of Bags, with three side sealed for maximum protection. Individual bag can be used on the fruit, thereby protecting it with from Sun burning, Frost, Pest & Insect.