UVguard Crop Protection Covers are lightweight UV stabilised fabrics specifically designed to provide micro-climate for vegetables and ornamental crops, in open fields or under tunnel or greenhouse.

It protects the plant for harmful UV radiation sun burning and provides uniform ventilation encouraging early growth and development of the plant and/or crop resulting in improvements in both quality as well as yield.

Moreover, it creates a physical barrier and prevents all types of insects and pests from reaching the plants. This  leads to 100% pest and virus free healthy environment for infant plants, and helps protect from Insect attack. Therefore there is no need of any expensive and harmful pesticide spraying on the plants.

UVguard Crop Covers thus provides an effective, pesticide free physical barrier preventing the Insects from reaching the crop. This Agricultural Fabric is almost 70% transparent as well as air and water permeable.

Advantages of using UVguard range of products include:

  1. Physical protection to plants especially infant plants from harmful UV radiation sun burning
  2. Complete Protection from direct pest damage as it creates a physical barrier to insects and also acts as deterrence to birds.
  3. 100% virus free healthy growing environment as it provides protection for Vector transmission of viruses by insects (aphids, white fly etc.)
  4. Microclimate that creates optimized photosynthetic efficiency through uniformity in temperature, better hygrometry & C02
  5. Accelerated growth of crop raises early harvest potential – upto 15-20 days reduction in time to harvest. This facilitates the early commercial yield and significantly shortens the crop cycle providing extension of effective growing season.
  6. Improved yields along with better harvest quality and uniformity of the vegetables – tighter ripening distribution, maximising saleable production.
  7. Significantly lower plant mortality, improved germination rates
  8. Decreased need for irrigation, as it prevents unnecessary evaporation